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              Quality Management Systems

              At Projects Inc. we understand that quality is what

              differentiates us from the competition.

              We are committed to driving customer satisfaction

              with all products and services that we offer and in

              turn - building long term customer loyalty.






Quality Systems




Projects Inc.holds itself to the highest of quality standards in the industry.  We are currently certified under AS9100D and ISO9001 : 2015 under certificate number 94-284-07 as well as a FAA Repair station SR5207N and EASAPart-145 Approval Certificate Number EASA.145.4790.

Calibration is done at a certified facility which conforms to ANSI-Z540 requirements as well as customer specified requirements such as L.C.S., etc.

A Closer Look: Verifying Dimensional Accuracy

Dimensional inspection is performed to verify the accuracy of product features usually during product development or following production. Projects Inc. gives customers the measurement information they need      for product verification and quality control.

Our conventional measuring equipment includes thread, plug and height gages, micrometers, calipers and surface plates. The inspectors at   Projects Inc are also thoroughly trained to interpret customer prints and    use CMM technology for timely, reliable and repeatable dimensional inspection measurements.

For the highest degree of accuracy, we minimize factors that contribute      to measurement uncertainty. At Projects Inc., dimensional inspection is performed in an environmentally-controlled laboratory with regulated temperature and humidity.

Projects Inc.performs dimensional inspection on surface and specialty features of machined parts and products, including internal and external fastener threads. First-article per AS9102 using SolidWorks Inspection Software.

  • Dimensional inspections are done using our two Mitutoyo contact CMM’s using MCOSMOS software

  • Conventional inspection using thread gages, plug gages, height gages, micrometers, calipers and surface plates.







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