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    PROJECTS INC. was founded in 1959 to service the rapidly developing

    New England Aerospace Industry by providing high quality machining

    services and standard and custom instrumentation.


    Today we are a worldwide supplier of general and precision machined

    parts for industrial and commercial applications. We are also a supplier

    of a wide range of Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) and repair parts

    to the Aerospace Industry since 1984. (FAA Repair Station SR5R207N)


    Located in Glastonbury Connecticut USA, we currently have 66000

    square feet of manufacturing and office space.












                     Company News

As we progress into the New Year, our team at Projects Inc. has a new outlook on success and is motivated to perform at higher levels than ever before. Our success starts with our customers with whom we are completely focused on building strong, long lasting relationships with Projects Inc. is dedicated to constant improvement and leveraging our strengths and core abilities to exceed customer expectations.

Our team has gone through many internal changes in the past year that have streamlined our efforts to focus on the critical few challenges that mean the most to our customers and to us. Projects Inc. has a diverse and experienced management team in place with a single-minded goal towards achieving excellence. However our true strength lies with our employees, the backbone of the company.

As a team we are constantly learning and making adjustments; refining what works and correcting what does not. Our journey towards constant improvement will never end and we embrace this as a challenge that keeps us going.  

We are grateful for the opportunities we have to serve our current customers and will continue to strengthen these relationships. We also look forward to opening new doors with opportunities to work with new Customers to show you what we can do for you. Let Projects Inc. demonstrate to you how we can become a valued part of your supply chain and your production partner.







Fredrick A. Kenyon

1916 - 1983

                 Founder of Projects Inc.




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